Hawthorn putting Burton up for trade “the empire striking back”

SEN - Fri, 12th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

Former Essendon great Tim Watson is curious to see whether Hawthorn putting Ryan Burton up for trade as part of luring Chad Wingard to the club leads to the balance of power shifting back to clubs.

Several under contract players are set to depart their sides over the course of this trade period, including the likes of Dylan Shiel, Mitch McGovern, Lachie Neale and Wingard.

Watson feels this kind of trade is a sign clubs want to take back some of the control.

“The balance of power? We know Jason Cripps (Port Adelaide list manager) said during the week this is all one way now, to the players’ favour,” Watson told SEN Breakfast.

“They’re calling the shots, they’ve got contracts they want to walk out on, they want to move, we can’t keep them, so the balance of power has shifted. Is this a momentary shift back?”

Garry Lyon feels there is an element of the clubs regaining control.

“It’s the empire striking back, isn’t it?” he said.

“We’ve had a trade period where players are saying I don’t care if I’m contracted, I want out.

“So the clubs are saying hang on a minute, if you’re going to walk out with contracts still on the table, then we’re going to start to trade you with contracts on the table – whether it’s right or wrong.”

Lyon believes Hawthorn supporters should back their club in to make the right decision.

“They have made the decision, Alastair Clarkson, Graham Wright and his team, and you’ve got to back them in, they’ve had an unbelievable strike-rate,” he said.

“I’d imagine they’ve said Wingard’s of more importance. We can cover Burton in the back-half. We couldn’t really cover the loss of Cyril Rioli in the front half.”

Wingard last night chose Hawthorn as his destination of choice.

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