Burton agrees to move to Power in Wingard trade

Mark Koelmeyer - Wed, 17th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

Newsbreaker Damian Barrett has revealed that Hawthorn defender Ryan Burton has agreed to be a part of the deal that will see Port Adelaide’s Chad Wingard move to the Hawks.

The two clubs have been in talks for a number of days but after conversations lasting into late last night, the clubs can officially move forward with Burton now agreeing to be a part of the trade.

It is believed that Burton along with pick 15 will be traded in exchange for Chad Wingard who is expected to be one of many dominoes to fall on the last day of the trade period.

Barrett revealed Burton will be on a four or five year contract at the Power.

“The conversations went through until 3-4am this morning,” Barrett said on NAB AFL Trade Radio.

“What did happen late last night was that Ryan Burton officially did agree to explore the possibilities of him being a Port Adelaide footballer next year, and we knew that hinged upon him agreeing upon a term.

“We believe it’s at least four years, quite possibly five years to do that and obviously that then allows the Chad Wingard from Port Adelaide to Hawthorn component start to take shape.

“There’s an awareness now from Hawthorn that he’s happy to be part of this deal and he’s got his head around it.

“It means Wingard gets his way to the Hawks provided it all plays out.”