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In: Tyson Stengle, Shane McAdam (state-league player), pick 13, 2019 5th round pick (tied to Carlton)

Out: Mitch McGovern, pick 40, 2019 3rd & 4th round picks

“The top-end talent in this year’s draft is considered to be the best in a long time so to bring in pick 13, as well as a player like Shane McAdam who we and many others in the industry rate very highly, is a great result.” – Justin Reid


In: Lachie Neale, Lincoln McCarthy, Marcus Adams, picks 18, 30, 35, 56 & 77, 2019 1st round pick (tied to Collingwood), 2019 2nd round pick (tied to Gold Coast), 2019 3rd round pick (tied to Fremantle), 2019 3rd round pick (tied to Hawthorn), 2019 3rd round pick (tied to Western Bulldogs)

Out: Dayne Beams, Sam Mayes, picks 5, 24, 60 & 79, 2019 1st round pick

“To have a South Australian who doesn’t have a family connection select us, to come to our football club, is a real credit to a lot of people. I think it’s great acknowledgement for us.” – David Noble


In: Mitch McGovern, Will Setterfield, Alex Fasolo, Nic Newman, pick 71, 2019 3rd round pick (tied to Adelaide)

Out: Nathan Kreuger (state-league player), Shane McAdam (state-league player), picks 26 & 28, 2019 2nd, 4th & 5th round picks

“To be able to bring in Mitch McGovern, Will (Setterfield) and Alex (Fasolo) through the door, we think we’ve done reasonably well.” – Stephen Silvagni


In: Dayne Beams, Jordan Roughead, picks 41, 44 & 57 (Fasolo compensation)

Out: Alex Fasolo, picks 18, 56 & 75, 2019 1st round pick


“It’s wonderful to see a player of Dayne’s calibre return to the Holden Centre. He is an elite midfielder and we look forward to the impact his talent and experience will bring to our squad.” – Ned Guy


In: Dylan Shiel, 2019 2nd round pick (tied to GWS), 2019 4th round pick (tied to Fremantle)

Out: Travis Colyer, pick 9, 2019 1st round pick


We had decided that we wanted to add another quality midfielder to our list and Dylan fit that requirement perfectly. He has very strong values that align with our team and club values, including a desire to continuously work to improve both on and off the field.” – John Worsfold


In: Jesse Hogan, Rory Lobb, Reece Conca, Travis Colyer, picks 14, 31, 43, & 65

Out: Lachie Neale, pick 6, 2019 3rd & 4th round picks

“Signing Jesse (Hogan) and Rory (Lobb) is an excellent result for Fremantle. Both players were very keen to join our club and we’re confident they will have an instant impact as a part of our starting 22, both in 2019.” – Peter Bell


In: Luke Dahlhaus, Gary Rohan, Nathan Kreuger (state-league player), picks 59, 60 & 70

Out: Lincoln McCarthy, George Horlin-Smith, Jackson Thurlow, picks 54 & 61

“After achieving a premiership with the Bulldogs, Luke (Dahlhaus) has experienced football at the highest level and we look forward to him bringing his experience to our playing group.” – Simon Lloyd


In: Corey Ellis, Anthony Miles, George Horlin-Smith, Jack Hombsch, picks 3 (Lynch compensation), 6, 24, 58 & 79, 2019 1st round pick (tied to Brisbane), 2019 3rd round pick (tied to Richmond)

Out: Tom Lynch, Steven May, Kade Kolodjashnij, Aaron Hall, Jack Scrimshaw, picks 19 & 59, 2019 2nd, 3rd & 4th round picks

“Once we got into a position where both captains weren’t going to commit to us long term we needed to change the position of the football club. We’ll get some high-end draft picks and some really young talent and they need to come into the right environment.” – Craig Cameron


In: Picks 9, 11 & 19, 2019 1st round pick (tied to Essendon), 2019 2nd round pick (tied to Carlton), 2019 4th round pick (tied to Gold Coast)

Out: Will Setterfield, Rory Lobb, Tom Scully, Dylan Shiel, picks 14, 47 & 71, 2019 2nd round pick

“This is a difficult trade period for us, that’s obviously become apparent. We’ve obviously got a very talented list, and that talented list costs significant money.” – Dave Matthews


In: Jack Scrimshaw, Tom Scully, Chad Wingard, 2019 3rd round pick (tied to Port Adelaide), 2019 4th round pick (tied to Western Bulldogs)

Out: Taylor Duryea, Ryan Burton, picks 15 & 35, 2019 3rd & 4th round picks

“I think you’ve just got to use everything available to you and work as hard as you can and create an environment where people can hopefully improve and develop.” – Graham Wright


In: Steven May, Kade Kolodjashnij, Braydon Preuss, picks 23, 28 & 62

Out: Dean Kent, Dom Tyson, Jesse Hogan, picks 36 & 46

“We addressed three areas this Trade Period – a key defender in (Steven) May, a mature-body ruckman in (Braydon) Preuss and some run off half-back in (Kade) Kolodjashnij. Overall, we have addressed our list needs and improved our draft hand.” – Josh Mahoney


In: Jared Polec, Jasper Pittard, Dom Tyson, Aaron Hall, picks 47, 48, 49, 55 & 61

Out: Ryan Clarke, picks 11, 31, 62 & 68, 2019 4th round pick

“Obviously through this period we’ve got four players in. It’s exciting that guys want to come here and they see potentially some of the momentum we’ve built off the back of the season we’ve had this year. It’s good times for the footy club.” – Cameron Joyce


In: Scott Lycett, Ryan Burton, Sam Mayes, picks 5 & 15, 2019 4th round pick (tied to North Melbourne), 2019 4th round pick (tied to Hawthorn), 2019 4th round pick (tied to Adelaide)

Out: Jared Polec, Jasper Pittard, Chad Wingard, picks 23, 30, 48 & 49, 2019 3rd round pick

“We’re potentially bringing in six players who we think can have an impact next year. It’s as much about the long term of our footy club as it is about next year.” – Jason Cripps


In: Tom Lynch, picks 37 (Conca compensation), 64 & 68, 2019 3rd round pick (tied to Gold Coast)

Out: Reece Conca, Corey Ellis, Anthony Miles, Sam Lloyd, Tyson Stengle, 2019 3rd round pick,

“Tom (Lynch) is clearly a talented footballer, but he also has great leadership qualities and a strong work ethic. I, like many of our fans, look forward to seeing Tom in yellow and black.” – Neil Balme


In: Dan Hannebery, Dean Kent, picks 36, 39 & 46, 2019 4th round pick (tied to West Coast)

Out: Tom Hickey, picks 60 & 65, 2019 4th round pick

“We got the two players we wanted to acquire that also nominated us in Dan (Hannebery) and Dean (Kent). They’ll come in and make an impact in our senior team straight away, which is going to improve what you’ve got in your best 22.” – Simon Lethlean


In: Ryan Clarke, Jackson Thurlow, picks 26, 39 & 40, 2019 2nd round pick (tied to St Kilda), 2019 4th round pick (tied to Carlton)

Out: Dan Hannebery, Gary Rohan, Nic Newman, picks 13 & 70


“Dan has been a great servant of our club for the past decade and when the idea for a trade was first raised we were willing to look at it. We’ve had very open and transparent conversations with St Kilda throughout and we’re glad to have finalised this trade.” – Tom Harley


In: Tom Hickey, pick 20 (Lycett compensation), 60, 2019 4th round pick (tied to St Kilda)

Out: Scott Lycett, pick 39, 2019 4th round pick


“We really rate Tim (Kelly) as a player, unfortunately the Cats rate him just as highly as we do and wouldn’t give him up. It’s disappointing as Tim wanted to come to us and get back home.” – Brady Rawlings


In: Sam Lloyd, Taylor Duryea, picks 26 (Dahlhaus compensation) & 75, 2019 3rd round pick

Out: Luke Dahlhaus, Marcus Adams, Jordan Roughead, picks 32 & 64, 2019 4th round pick

“We’ve got a lot of growth in our list. We’ve got a lot of good young top-end talent. We definitely feel we need to improve it over the next few years … but there’s definitely no sealing on where we can finish next year.” – Sam Power


*All pick numbers accurate at time of trade