How Bombers Shiel deal came to fruition

SEN - Thu, 18th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

The Herald Sun’s Sam Edmund has explained how Essendon’s agreement for Dylan Shiel came down to the dying moments of yesterday’s trade deadline day.

The Bombers got their man, coughing up pick nine and a future first-round selection to secure Shiel’s services.

It wasn’t without drama, though, as a final play from Carlton, along with the Giants’ stubbornness, didn’t make the negotiation process a smooth one for the Dons.

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“Talks broke down for a period between Essendon and GWS,” Edmund told SEN Breakfast.

“GWS were flatly refusing to accept anything other than two first round picks.

“They did (the Blues met with the Giants), they had a coffee out near Carlton somewhere that morning…(the Blues were saying) our big toe is in the door.”

Despite nominating Essendon, Edmund says Shiel was open to the idea of not landing at his desired destination.

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“Correct (Shiel was prepared to go to Carlton if the Essendon deal didn’t get done), or go back to GWS, which was a real possibility,” he said.

“The Giants, having cleared that space, Essendon believed for a time it was off, Adrian Dodoro thought he had stuffed this up.

“In the end, with about five minutes to go, they tabled the six-year deal for Dylan Shiel, it was two first round picks, a massive price.

“It went right down to the death.”