Plough’s Trade Grades – Gold Coast

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Terry Wallace has run the rule over every club and their dealings during the NAB AFL Trade Period.

AFL Hall of Famer Plough, aka The List Manager, has given a school-style rating to each of the 18 clubs as well as his assessment ahead of the 2019 AFL season.

How did your club perform in October, according to Plough?

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Gold Coast

Corey Ellis
Anthony Miles
George Horlin-Smith
Jack Hombsch
Pick 3
Pick 6
Pick 24
Pick 79
2019 1st-round pick
2019 3rd-round pick
2019 3rd-round pick

Tom Lynch
Steven May
Kade Kolodjashnij
Aaron Hall
Jack Scrimshaw
Pick 19
Pick 32
Pick 41
Pick 44
Pick 59
Pick 68
Pick 77
2019 2nd-round pick
2019 3rd-round pick
2019 3rd-round pick
2019 4th-round pick
2019 4th-round pick

Plough’s Trade Grade


Plough’s assessment
“Lost star players.

“Worked as hard as anyone during this trade period but simply were dealt a dud hand.”

Club reaction
“Once we got into a position where both captains weren’t going to commit to us long term we needed to change the position of the football club.

“We’ll get some high-end draft picks and some really young talent and they need to come into the right environment.” – Craig Cameron, list manager.

2018 draft picks
2, 3, 6, 24, 29, 80

*Plough’s Trade Grades, thanks to Tyrepower – The experts every team should deal with.

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