Illicit drugs strike unlikely for Mumford says AFLPA boss

Nic Negrepontis - Thu, 25th Oct 2018 - 0 Comments

AFL Players Association CEO Paul Marsh doesn’t believe Shane Mumford will receive an official strike against his name for the recent video of him snorting a white powder.

The footage of Mumford snorting the powder while being cheered on by others was filmed in 2015, while he was still on GWS’ list. He had suffered a season-ending injury at that stage.

He would go on to retire at the end of the 2017 season, but reportedly wishes to make an AFL return and re-join the Giants next year.

Despite the incident taking place three years ago while Mumford was a contracted GWS player, and the fact he will likely be returning to them in 2019, Marsh says a strike against his name is unlikely.

“He’s not a current player at the moment so I’m not sure how he would get a strike,” Marsh told Sportsday.

“I’m not sure at this point. If and when he becomes a current player, then I’m sure we’ll have that conversation around that particular issue.”

Marsh admitted illicit drug use is an ongoing issue in the AFL world.

“We know some players abuse illicit drugs from time to time and that’s why we have an illicit drugs policy in place,” he said.

“Young people do make silly and impulsive decisions from time to time. We know drugs are in our industry and our society.

“We’ve had issues like this in the past, there’ll be issues like this again in the future.”

Listen to the full interview with Paul Marsh on Sportsday below: