“It’s the net result”: Lyon’s query with Swans recruit Menzel

SEN - Tue, 27th Nov 2018 - 0 Comments

Melbourne great Garry Lyon believes doubts still remain over the defensive work of Sydney recruit Daniel Menzel.

Menzel, 27, was picked up by the Swans as a delisted free agent after failing to agree to a new contract with former club Geelong.

“It’s not the two goals, it’s the net result,” Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

“The discussion about his defensive forward work stuff and the fact he doesn’t tackle and put a lot of pressure on, results in goals the other way.

“He might be kicking two goals, but it’s the net result that Geelong have looked at I’m sure and why other clubs weren’t that keen.

“If he kicks 40, then I reckon he could also cost 40.”


Former Essendon captain Tim Watson says the forward will find himself out of the side if he doesn’t fulfil his defensive duties.

“Given historically the way Sydney play, he won’t be in that team if he can’t do what they want him to do,” Watson said.

“Even though they’ve recruited him and they’ve only given him a one-year deal, if he doesn’t do what they want him to do, they just won’t play him.

“And they’ve shown that in the past – you either step up or play the Sydney way or you don’t play, they don’t carry blokes who just play on the outside and don’t participate in the defensive side of the game.”

Menzel kicked 136 goals in 73 games for Geelong.