Goldsack on Grand Final heartbreak: “I didn’t set myself for this”

SEN - Thu, 24th Jan 2019 - 0 Comments

Collingwood defender Tyson Goldsack has reflected on last year’s Grand Final loss to West Coast, saying he was never mentally prepared to deal with losing.

The Pies lost the game in heartbreaking fashion, with a late Dom Sheed goal putting the Eagles up despite Collingwood leading almost all day and by as much as five goals at one stage.

“Mid-way through the game we were thinking, we’re playing our brand of footy and if we continue this, we’re going to win,” Goldsack told SEN Breakfast.

“You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t thinking that.

“Five goals up in the first quarter or whatever it was, there was times in the game where it’s like, this is actually happening.

“The worst part is I never actually allowed myself to project forward and think that we were going to lose pre-game.

“In the lead up to the Grand Final, I’d done the mental imagery of us winning and what that would feel like.

“It wasn’t until after the game where I’m sitting there and we weren’t the ones going up on stage collecting the medallions and I thought, I didn’t set myself for this.”

Goldsack doesn’t expect to ever get over the defeat any time soon.

“It kind of comes in waves. You have moments where you really dwell on it and it hurts,” he said.

“When you start reflecting on your year as a whole you feel better, but focusing on the single game, that gets you down.”

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