Tigers’ depth won’t be affected by trade period losses: Wallace

SEN - Tue, 29th Jan 2019 - 0 Comments

Australian football Hall of Famer Terry Wallace believes Richmond’s depth won’t be greatly affected by their off-season losses.

The Tigers moved on from Reece Conca, Tyson Stengle, Sam Lloyd, Corey Ellis and Anthony Miles over the course of the player movement period.

Wallace feels Richmond needed to let these players go in order to learn more about the players underneath them – the likes of Oleg Markov, Noah Balta, Patrick Naish, Ryan Garthwaite and Callum Coleman-Jones.

“I think that they had to let Miles, Lloyd, these sorts of players go so they could find out what they’ve got from this next group,” he told SEN Afternoons.

“I think the guys that left realistically were never going to be best 22 players.

“They might be good enough at other football clubs, but with the quality club that Richmond is, they were never going to be good enough.

“This next group, they don’t need them all to succeed, but they need to find two or three along the journey and I think there’s enough talent there that they’ll do that.”

Richmond will begin their 2019 AFL campaign in the traditional Thursday night slot against Carlton.