The four teams Wallace is confident will play finals in 2019

SEN - Thu, 31st Jan 2019 - 0 Comments

Australian football Hall of Famer Terry Wallace has revealed the four teams he is most confident in ahead of the 2019 season.

Based on all of his expectations for the year, Wallace feels these four teams will make the finals.

“The sides that I’m most confident of going into 2019 at the moment are Melbourne, Richmond, West Coast and Collingwood,” Wallace told SEN Afternoons.

“They’re the four, not necessarily to win the flag, but to me, they make it and the other sides are playing for the other four positions.

“That’s very simplistic and it’s very early in the year, but in my mind that’s the way I’ve got it.

“Those four are in and good luck to the rest of the boys, you’re fighting for the other spots.”

Richmond, Collingwood, West Coast and Melbourne were the final four teams in the 2018 finals series, with the Eagles going on to defeat the Pies in the Grand Final.