The four teams Terry Wallace believes will improve in 2019

SEN - Tue, 12th Feb 2019 - 0 Comments

With the season getting closer and closer, Terry Wallace has broken the 18 AFL teams into groups: “don’t rate”, “trust”, “improve in 2019” and “unsure of them in 2019”.

Here, Wallace goes through the teams he expects to improve this year.

Three of these teams finished 2018 with 48 points, missing out on finals by just the one win and some percentage.

“I think that Adelaide will improve,” Wallace told SEN Afternoons.

“I just think off the back of the Grand Final two years ago and everything possible going wrong, I think they can improve.

“I think the hyped team of the competition in Essendon will improve.

“I think they’re good enough, their squad’s good enough.

“If they don’t have a stinking start like they did last year. Hopefully they’ve done more on the track.

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“I believe North Melbourne will improve. Their fans will probably be driving off the road because they think that I hate them!

“I think that with what they’ve brought into their club, if half of those guys play to their potential, a guy like Aaron Hall for example, his best is really good.

“If they can get half of those guys playing to their best, I think they’re still in the right age bracket at the moment to improve.

Brisbane can improve with the list they’ve put together.

“Those close losses they had last year, they might still finish in the bottom six, but I think that they can improve their lot and start to push up the ladder.”

Which of these four teams will finish highest on the ladder in 2019?