The six teams Terry Wallace "doesn’t rate" in 2019

SEN - Tue, 12th Feb 2019 - 0 Comments

With the season getting closer and closer, Terry Wallace has broken the 18 AFL teams into groups: “don’t rate”, “trust”, “improve in 2019” and “unsure of them in 2019”.

Starting with the teams the Australian football Hall of Famer doesn’t rate/trust, Wallace has said the following.

“I don’t rate the following sides,” Wallace told SEN Afternoons.

“There’s six of them, but it doesn’t mean they’ll finish in the bottom six, I just don’t trust them so I’m not going with them.

“I don’t rate Gold Coast.

“Clearly they’re down and out with senior players.

“I don’t rate (Carlton) yet.

“I think they will be an improving side, but I don’t rate them yet.

“I don’t rate Fremantle, even with the inclusions of the bigger blokes coming in, I’m not sure they can get enough supply to the bigger blokes to make the leap they believe they can.

“They’re flaky so I don’t trust them.

“I don’t trust St Kilda. I don’t think their list is as good as the others. I’m worried about their rucks and some of the key position players.

“I don’t trust the Western Bulldogs. I don’t trust their big blokes. I think their run off half back is very good, but I don’t trust their spine and what they’re going to have in the ruck.”

“And I don’t trust Port Adelaide.

“I just think they’re a flaky group and they’ve had a couple of key players leave.

“They’ve got some good kids in, but they’re kids and I don’t trust Port Adelaide.”

Which team will finish highest on the ladder of this group in 2019?

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