Terry Wallace’s top 10 AFLW players so far in 2019

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Terry Wallace has named his top 10 AFLW players in the competition based on the statistics.

AFLW has changed a lot statistically. In 2018, no players finished the season averaging over 20 disposals. Already in 2019, there are six players doing so.

As the competition evolves and expands, the statistical side of the game will become more important and Wallace has used these numbers to come up with his top 10.

He explains how he came up with the list.

“Who are the best players in the competition? I put down the players I love watching and then I went, I’m going to take this a little further, so I went through the statistical data from the first three rounds and calculated out who I believe, from the data, are the top 10 players as it stands at the moment,” Wallace told SEN Afternoons.

“I was surprised with the outcome. I let the numbers tell me the story and they’re going to be my top 10.”

1. Ebony Marinoff (Adelaide)

24.3 disposals, 8.3 tackles, 3.7 clearances, 3.7 inside 50s and 11 contested possessions.

“At number one and reasonably comfortably is Ebony Marinoff.”

“Just her physicality, the tackles, the way that she goes about it.”

“She had 33 disposals on the weekend.”

2. Ally Anderson (Brisbane)

23 disposals, 4.7 clearances, 5.7 tackles, 2.7 inside 50s and 13 contested possessions

“She’s lightly built, but reads the game really well and hunts the ball as a midfield.”

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3. Erin Phillips (Adelaide)

19.3 disposals, five clearances, four tackles, 4 goals (total), 67.2 disposal efficiency and 11.7 contested possessions.

“No surprise with number three and you don’t want to be playing against her in the next few weeks because she’s gone from average in Round 1, better Round 2 and fantastic Round 3.”

“She’s just getting bigger and better. She’s played more forward so her numbers might be slightly down, but she’s an absolute gun.”

4. Elise O’Dea (Melbourne)

20.3 disposals, 5.3 tackles, 4.7 inside 50s, 70.5% disposal efficiency and 3.7 marks

“She’s just quality through the middle of the ground. She’s a star player.”

5. Anne Hatchard (Adelaide)

23 disposals, 4.7 clearances, 5.3 tackles, 4 marks and 13 contested possessions

“She played as a mobile ruck last week, but has played in the last few weeks through the middle of the ground.”

“She’s really athletic and can cover the ground.”

6. Jamie Stanton (North Melbourne)

17.7 disposals, five marks and 5.7 tackles

“She’s very lightly framed, but very smart and sharp through the middle of the ground.”

7. Lauren Pearce (Melbourne)

22.7 hit-outs, 16 disposals, 13 contested possessions, six clearances and 3.3 inside 50s

“I think potentially she could be nearly the best player going around right as we speak at the moment.”

“She’s Melbourne’s ruckman and absolutely dominating. Her skill level for a big player is excellent.”

8. Kiara Bowers (Fremantle)

14.3 disposals, 9.3 contested possessions, 4.7 clearances, 8.3 tackles and four inside 50s

“I’m really pleased for this one as she’s back from injury and doing a great job for the Dockers.”

9. Kate Gillespie-Jones (North Melbourne)

14.7 disposals, 4.3 marks, 6 hit-outs and 6 tackles

“She’s another one of the mobile ruck players. Really mobile around the ground.”

10. Jenna Bruton (North Melbourne)

19.3 disposals, 6.3 tackles, 3.3 marks and 4.7 inside 50s

“She’s a very good small, obviously from the Bulldogs last year.”

Those unlucky to miss out

“These are the other ones I just wanted to give a quick mention to.”

“Kate Lutkins keeps doing it for Brisbane, a great defender. Tayla Harris best contested mark player in the competition, Yvonne Bonner from GWS and Ireland, in three weeks she’s come on so fast, Karen Paxman obviously, Ellie Blackburn obviously, Katie Brennan just with her kicking, one of the most elite kicks in the competition, Dana Hooker just for her ability to hunt the ball and Jess Duffin from North, her flexibility, she can play any end of the ground.”