Dal Santo ranks the six teams who need a Round 1 win the most

SEN - Tue, 19th Mar 2019 - 0 Comments

With three days to go until the start of the season, Nick Dal Santo has named the six teams who need a win in Round 1 the most.

He’s left teams who he believes will finish up the top of the ladder out, saying this ranking is more about sides who are under pressure or will be fighting for spots in the eight.

See his rankings below.

5. St Kilda (versus Gold Coast)

“This game is really important for the Saints for different reasons. I’ve had a look at their first six weeks. They’ve got the Suns at home, the Bombers at home, the Dockers away, the Hawks at home, the Dees at the MCG and the Crows at home.

“It’s not easy. It’d be nice to get one off the top to take a little bit of pressure off certain players and coaches.”

4. North Melbourne (versus Fremantle)

“They were right around the mark with two rounds to go last year, they bring in four prominent players from other clubs who will probably be the mix for their Round 1 best 22.

“They need to get off to a good start away from home, which is probably the perfect opportunity to go over there and travel when you haven’t come off the back of a previous game.

“This is a must-win. Got to get off to a good start for the Kangaroos.”

3. Adelaide (versus Hawthorn)

“Off the back of last year, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Nothing went their way.

“If they can get off to a good start against the Hawks at Adelaide Oval, they might bounce right back this year.”

2 and 1. GWS versus Essendon

“They’re both of equal importance. I think it’s really important for both teams from where I expect them to finish on the ladder.

“Maybe they’re finishing top four if everything goes right. Maybe they’re getting squeezed out of the eight if it all goes wrong so if you can get one up on an opposition who’s probably going to be in that category come the end of the year, I think they’re off to a good start.

“That’s a huge start.”