Lyon slams "horrendous" Carlton forward structure

SEN - Mon, 15th Apr 2019 - 0 Comments

Garry Lyon has slammed Carlton’s forward structure in their loss to Gold Coast.

The Blues led for most of the day, but were overrun in the dying seconds by the Suns.

They made the controversial decision to play four key forwards, with Charlie Curnow returning to the side and Levi Casboult keeping his spot.

Despite this, Michael Gibbons was targeted deep inside 50 on multiple occasions and Lyon was not happy with what he saw.

“They have got a horrendous system when they go forward,” the former Melbourne captain told SEN Breakfast.

“One of the problems they’ve got, having watched them live last week and on the telly this week, I think they put them down there, they go, there’s (Mitch) McGovern, there’s Casboult, there’s (Harry) McKay and Curnow comes back this week.

“They throw them in and go that’s a forward line capable.

“There is no system. Curnow plays the high roaming forward. You don’t know where McGovern’s going to be, you don’t know where McKay’s going to be.

“They need clearly defined roles. In the end, what I saw yesterday, McGovern looked like the only one who looked capable of reading what was happening up the field and hitting up and leading at the footy.

“Play him as an old-fashioned full-forward. Have McKay as your long option, he’s the best contested mark in the game.

“Let Curnow roam up. Give them defined roles. From what I’ve seen in two games, those forwards, they throw them down there and go work it out.”

Carlton Head of Football Brad Lloyd admitted the cohesion was off on the weekend.

“I think too many times in the game Gibbons ended up that deepest target and he’s not an option you want to go forward to with the four key forwards,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“So really that cohesion between the mids and the forwards and the mids showing that composure to pick the right option and the forwards need to get up the ground and stay connected with the mids, but when they get back they need to get back in the right position to provide an option.

“We were a bit off with that yesterday.”

The Blues now have a record of 0-4 ahead of their Round 5 clash with the 2-2 Western Bulldogs at Marvel Stadium on Sunday.

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