Which mark was better Himmelberg or Crozier?

SEN - Mon, 15th Apr 2019 - 0 Comments

We saw two of the best marks in recent memory in Round 4, but both were completely different from one another.

Western Bulldogs defender Hayden Crozier took a textbook screamer against Collingwood, reminiscent of Andrew Walker’s mark of the century in 2011.

The next day, GWS forward Harry Himmelberg went back with the flight of the ball and took a contested mark with no regard for his own safety.

It was at a pivotal moment in the game as well, with his kick hitting up Jeremy Finlayson – who kicked what turned out to be the game-winning goal.

Two-time North Melbourne premiership player David King gives his vote to Himmelberg.

“The mark of Harry Himmelberg on the weekend coming back with the flight … everyone will vote for Crozier’s mark,” he told SEN Mornings.

“That mark of Himmelberg should be mark of the week.

“There isn’t a player in the competition who doesn’t want to be that player taking that style of mark and I think fans appreciate how seriously tough these players are.

“The fearless approach and the reckless approach for their own safety at times and I’m straight away thinking of Nick Riewoldt and Jonathan Brown’s style.

“Anything could have happened there. It was a car crash. It has to be mark of the year for me.”

See the two marks below and decide for yourself.