Higgins, Adams hit back at Goddard staging comments

SEN - Tue, 16th Apr 2019 - 0 Comments

North Melbourne All-Australian Shaun Higgins and Collingwood midfielder Taylor Adams have hit back at Brendon Goddard’s comments about Ben Brown staging for free kicks.

Goddard commentated the game between the Kangaroos and the Crows on ABC Grandstand and told Brown to “stand up and play like a man”.

But Higgins says a lot of players engage in this behaviour, not just Brown.

“Browny has probably done what most players do and exaggerate the contest slightly,” the Kangaroos midfielder told The Oval Office.

“It probably looks like he’s exaggerated that more than needed to be but that’s holding the man in a marking contest as clear as any marking contest that we’ve seen this year.

“It’s the ruck one that BJ (Goddard) would’ve been talking about.

“They were strong words, he’s there to call the game but from Bronwy’s point of view, he normally just has a clear run and jump at the ball and is normally extremely hard to defend.”

Collingwood’s Adams accused Goddard of being too harsh on Brown, arguing that the free kicks paid were valid.

“Brendon’s comments are harsh because the free kicks, especially the marking contest free kicks, they’re there,” the 25-year-old said.

“Guys are going to try and take away Ben Brown’s biggest asset and that’s his athleticism, his ability to run and jump at the ball and create space in the air for himself.”

North Melbourne takes on Essendon on Good Friday while the Pies do battle with the Lions on Thursday night.

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