Our game is like basketball: Blight

SEN - Tue, 16th Apr 2019 - 0 Comments

Two-time Adelaide premiership-winning coach Malcolm Blight has compared Australian Rules football to basketball on SEN Mornings.

He believes the games are only exciting towards the end, thanks to the introduction of the new rules.

“Because it’s one-on-ones in the first part of the game, everyone’s actually defending,” he told Sam McClure.

“If you had an extra one, you could peel off a bit, you could all run around and get some easy kicks. It’s much harder now.

“There were so many close games, you know what it’s like, sometimes it’s like watching basketball.

“Just watch the last five minutes of our games and in seven of them, you would’ve got excited then. Previous, it was terrible.”

Hear Malcolm Blight on SEN Mornings with Sam McClure in the player below.

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