Qs without notice: Voss and Buckley, Collingwood salary cap, injury excuses and bring back the torp

SEN - Wed, 15th May 2019 - 0 Comments

Garry Lyon and Tim Watson took on some questions without notice to tackle the latest footy issues on SEN Breakfast this morning.

If Michael Voss went to Collingwood to start his coaching career and Nathan Buckley to Brisbane, would they be in a different position today?

Watson: “Yes, they would be. I think the pieces around Nathan Buckley at the time he entered the Collingwood coaching position were better.

“Their list was better at that time which gave him a bit of breathing space at the front end of his contract.

“They (Brisbane) made some horrendous recruiting decisions around that time. The worst was Brendan Fevola. For a young coach like that, to do what they did, it was a sign of desperation.

“It was, I think, probably a poorly run club at that time too and I think that didn’t help his coaching position.

“They (Collingwood) backed him (Buckley) in, in the end and gave him a lot of pieces around him as a much more stable football club through that period of time.”

Grundy and Moore. Both at Collingwood, both out of contract in 2020. You’ve got $2 million per year – how do you divide it up between these two?

Lyon: “One (million) each.

“Maybe $1.1 million to Grundy, $900,000 (to Moore).”

Can they keep both of those players?

Lyon: “Yep.

“I did have someone raise it with me the other day that Collingwood must be doing a great job with their salary cap to be able to manage all those players.”

If you were at Collingwood right now, as coach or administrator, would you subtly point the players towards Paul Chapman’s article (about Geelong taking pay cuts to stay together)?

Lyon: “It’s a reality of life in the end, isn’t it?

“The better you get, the higher the salary demands.

“You say, ‘look, we either do this or we are going to lose players’. That’s just a reality. You are going to have to sacrifice if you all want to stay together.”

When can a coach use injuries as an excuse?

Watson: “I don’t think you can ever do that publicly.

“If you are doing your job properly as a media commentator, you’re not stupid. But you are stupid if you don’t point to the fact that we have a whole list of injuries here that is impacting on our performance.

“But if you say that publicly as a coach then you are giving all your players a reason to believe that they’re not capable of going out there and winning.”

__Sam Walsh gets a fine for pushing off a player, Nat Fyfe elbows Tom Lynch in the head and nothing. Is there a problem with our game, our penalty system, our tribunal system? __

Lyon: “Yep, I think there is.

“I’d fine Sam Walsh $500 and say don’t do it again. If you do it again, $2,000.

“Nat Fyfe, I didn’t like it.”

Are players being unprofessional and negligent in their preparation and duty as AFL players if they don’t master the art of the torpedo punt?

Watson: “Most definitely, they are being unprofessional.

“If they don’t go out there and practice the torp for a specific reason that may occur maybe once in a game, then they are being unprofessional, because they are the tools of your trade.”