Why Watson feels Voss should be given another coaching chance

SEN - Wed, 15th May 2019 - 0 Comments

Should Port Adelaide assistant and former Brisbane coach Michael Voss receive another chance to coach at AFL level?

Garry Lyon and Tim Watson broke down the idea on SEN Breakfast this morning.

Lyon: “I wouldn’t be surprised if he (Voss) does. You could never say definitively, but I think there’s a likelihood. He would have to be better for the experience.

Lyon: “To now go back and learn and put the framework of his coaching philosophy in place as an assistant. He has to be better for the experience.”

Watson: “I put it to you that he should never have been given that coaching position in the first place with his lack of experience. Anybody under those circumstances, and I went through this myself, I should never have been given the coaching position with my lack of experience."

Watson: "It is a position that requires a lot of experience at other coaching levels. I don’t think we are going to get it wrong like we did in the past, but for him right now, people look back at Michael Voss and they evaluate his coaching potential or credentials based on what he did as a first-time coach. He’ll be much, much better next time around.”

Watson: “If somebody came to me and asked for my advice, you can’t stay in the system for long enough before you get your opportunity. Even though you may get impatient about not getting your opportunity, you can’t have too much experience.”

Lyon: “Bill Belichick wasn’t a great coach first time around.”

Watson: “He failed at the Cleveland Browns and look at him now.”