Confused Essendon seeking clarity over goalpost incident

SEN - Thu, 16th May 2019 - 0 Comments

Essendon CEO Xavier Campbell has confirmed the club has sought clarity from the AFL regarding last weekend’s bizarre goalpost incident.

Sydney’s Dane Rampe climbed the post as David Myers took his after-the-siren shot at goal in the Bombers’ narrow five-point loss at the SCG.

No free-kick or 50-metre penalty was paid to the Bombers but as a result, the Swans co-captain was fined $1,000, prompting a formal 'please explain' from Essendon to AFL Football Operations boss Steve Hocking.

“With the decision Tuesday around the fine is ‘ok, this is confusing’,” he said on SEN Breakfast.

“To the point where we’ve written to the AFL yesterday seeking absolute formal clarity above and beyond the discussions we had earlier in the week.

“We feel there needs to be greater clarity on something like this.

“We’ve asked for clarity and I expect we get that today. ‘Hock’ (Hocking) says we will get a written response to that communication today.

“We’ll look at that when we get it and have a better idea of that when it comes.”

Asked if the outcome should be shared with the broader footy public, Campbell responded with the following.

“Ultimately, I think that’s what you want to get to and I think we need to talk about the role of umpires in our game,” he added.

“It is one of the toughest jobs in football and we don’t, for one second, want to put a negative spin on it or them because we want more umpires coming through the system.

“Where we can take out that subjectivity, and I would think a rule like this one shouldn’t have subjectivity, it should be pretty straightforward, we should do that to make that role easier for them.”

The Dons will look to shake off the disappointing defeat to the Swans when they face Fremantle at Marvel Stadium on Saturday night.