How Luke Hodge has "fallen back in love with the game"

SEN - Thu, 16th May 2019 - 0 Comments

Brisbane veteran Luke Hodge says his move to Brisbane has helped him rediscover his love for the game.

Hodge, 34, played at Hawthorn for 16 years before making the move up north last year.

He admits it’s been nice to escape the Victorian footy bubble.

“When I was younger, I really enjoyed Melbourne just because I was a massive footy head,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“Everything I could read, watch or listen, I would for AFL.

“I guess when you’re in the industry for such a long time, you can get a little bit sick of certain articles or topics that people talk about.

“Coming up here, you’ve actually got to search for football again.

“To be honest, I’ve probably fallen back in love with the game being up here.”

The Lions will be aiming to bounce back from last weekend's loss to the Bulldogs when they host Adelaide at the Gabba on Saturday.

Hear Luke Hodge on SEN Breakfast in the player below: