How Roughead made the most of his VFL experience, according to Luke Hodge

SEN - Thu, 16th May 2019 - 0 Comments

Brisbane veteran Luke Hodge says the way Jarryd Roughead conducted himself after being dropped to the VFL just highlights the type of person he is.

Roughead kicked five goals in his first VFL game in nearly seven years, but the focus turned to him giving helpful advice to Footscray defender Reuben Williams.

Hodge says this is just one example of the “outstanding” way he conducted himself in Box Hill’s draw against Footscray.

“So many people have been dropped back to the seconds and you can tell by their attitude, even the day before the captain’s run, their teammates can tell they don’t want to be there,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“They mope around and when it gets to game day, they rock up late, they just stand there, they don’t talk and their body language is terrible.

“From what you heard from the Box Hill guys, the day before, he was outstanding, he was talking to everyone, he was upbeat, he was the first player at the ground on Saturday morning.

“Then he goes out there, kicks the first two goals, you can see him directing and talking to his teammates.

“The vision of him teaching Reuben Williams just shows what kind of bloke he is.

“He saw a younger defender there who was a bit unsure and tried to help him.

“You can see why people talk highly of Roughy (Roughead).”

Hear Luke Hodge on SEN Breakfast in the player below.