Port Adelaide retain ‘prison bar’ plans

SEN - Thu, 16th May 2019 - 0 Comments

Port Adelaide CEO Keith Thomas says the club is still planning to pay homage to its ‘prison bar’ guernsey at some stage next season.

The Power will celebrate 150 years in 2020 and to honour the occasion in their anniversary game, will most likely don their original 1870 jumper of blue and white horizontal hoops instead of their iconic black and white.

However, the significance of the prison bars is too great to ignore and Thomas has revealed that the club is planning to pay tribute to that jumper despite the clash with Collingwood’s colours.

“We’ve been working on the 150 (year) plan for about 18 months, just to give some context to what’s involved,” Thomas said on SEN SA’s Dwayne’s World.

“We are certainly in discussions with the AFL.

“The celebration of the first guernsey Port Adelaide wore 150 years ago is really important. It is that blue hoop one.

“It makes sense that we will celebrate that in some way on that day. Whether we wear it or whether we simply do a commemorative piece, that’s still to be decided, but certainly it’s in our conversation.

“The bigger conversation has been around the prison bar. As everyone is aware, that’s been a really large topic of conversation for our people all year.

“We fully understand that you can’t tell the story of the Port Adelaide Football Club without referencing strongly and paying homage to the prison bar guernsey.

“We will be doing that. We haven’t taken this to the board yet but we will be paying homage to both those guernseys, and probably the others, throughout next year because it’s a pretty big deal.”

Thomas also revealed that the club have other things planned to help tell the story of the great South Australian club.

“It’s a really big event for us,” he added.

“It would take just about the whole year to get through the history of this club.

“We’ve got a lot of things planned. We’re talking about a commemorative logo, a documentary, a book, merchandise and events.

“Clearly the guernsey is a big part of that discussion.

“The reality is, our final plans haven’t been signed off. There’s a big process you have to go through to get all these things done.”

Listen to Dwayne Russell’s chat with Keith Thomas below: