The punishment Dangerfield would like implemented for umpire abuse

SEN - Wed, 22nd May 2019 - 0 Comments

AFL Players Association president Patrick Dangerfield believes making Dale Thomas, and other players who are sanctioned for abusing umpires, officiate at local level would be a more effective punishment than fining.

Thomas was slapped for $7,500 on Tuesday night by the AFL Tribunal for calling boundary umpire Michael Barlow a “cheat”.

Dangerfield however wants to see a different punishment method brought in.

“Let’s bring him down to whatever local football game over the next few weeks and have him umpire or boundary umpire,” he told SEN’s Whateley.

“I think it would be a great story for one, it’s better education for the player for two and if we’re trying to encourage more people to take up umpiring within our game, I think it’s a good way of potentially doing it.”

The Geelong midfielder has been struggling with a foot injury all week and says he’ll likely make a decision on Friday as to whether he’ll face Gold Coast this week.

“It’s going well, we’ve got our main session this morning. I’ll have a light jog and see where it ends up for the weekend,” he said.

“It’s sort of been one of those niggling injuries that’s been around for three or four weeks, it’s sore at the start of the week and it sort of builds up at the end.

“I suppose the discussion is do you short circuit that and miss a game versus how much does keeping playing limit capability.

“The break is not too far away and we’re in a strong position which is fortunate so they’re all the conversations we’ve got to have in the next couple of days.”