Port Adelaide to rack up huge kilometres before next home game

SEN - Thu, 23rd May 2019 - 0 Comments

Port Adelaide face a tricky month ahead.

The Power will travel more than 24,000 kilometres before they get to play their next home game.

Ken Hinkley’s men beat the Gold Coast Suns at the Adelaide Oval last weekend but will not be back on their home deck for another four weeks.

Prior to their next home fixture against Geelong on June 22, the Power will be racking up the frequent flyer points.

They fly to Launceston this week for their Round 10 meeting with Hawthorn at UTAS Stadium.

Next week, the Power make the lengthy trip to China (presumably via Hong Kong) for the Round 11 Shanghai clash with St Kilda prior to their Round 12 bye.

Next on the agenda is a flight west to Perth to take on Fremantle at Optus Stadium in Round 13.

All up, they'll spend around a day and a half travelling on planes, not to mention the time spent standing around waiting.

Port Adelaide’s flight plans

2,520 kms (approx.) – Adelaide to Launceston (return trip)
16,180 kms (approx.) – Adelaide to Shanghai (via Hong Kong, return trip)
5,400 kms (approx.) – Adelaide to Perth (return)
Total (approx.): 24,100 kms
Flight time (approx.): 34 hours

It may appear a daunting task but coach Ken Hinkley is comfortable with what is ahead.

“That’s frequent flyer, a few extra points on the card,” he said on SEN’s Whateley.

“It’s a real opportunity to get together. We enjoy the opportunity of a bit of time together, most clubs do.

“But when you have an extended period like this where we travel away from Adelaide, because Adelaide is quite an intense football bubble, it does allow you to get some freedom.

“We go down to ‘Launy’ (Launceston) this week, then by Tuesday we’re packed up and going again to Shanghai.

“We won’t spend much time back in Adelaide over the next little while, but hopefully when we come back to Adelaide we bring back some points that are really important for our season.”

However, it gets a bit easier after that for Port Adelaide.

They will reap the benefits of home comforts for the following four weeks, beginning with the Cats game in Round 14.

They then host the Western Bulldogs in Round 15, meet Adelaide in the Showdown (Crows home game) in Round 16 and complete the Adelaide Oval ‘quaddie’ against Brisbane in Round 17.

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