Are the alarm bells ringing for Bryce Gibbs?

SEN - Fri, 24th May 2019 - 0 Comments

Bryce Gibbs has some issues at Adelaide after being dropped for a second time this season.

Last weekend against Brisbane, Gibbs picked up 22 possessions, eight of which were contested, while taking seven marks, laying five tackles and kicking two goals.

But he has again copped the wrath of Don Pyke and his coaching staff and it is major cause for concern according to Tim Watson and Garry Lyon.

“The reason that he’s been dropped we are told, was that he doesn’t put enough defensive pressure on and his defensive running isn’t good enough,” former Melbourne captain Lyon said on SEN Breakfast.

“What is going on over there?

“It’s a big fall from grace when a couple of years earlier you were prepared to give up the farm for him.

“My statement is this: If on Monday, the Mid-Season Draft, was extended out to what we want it to be – a Mid-Season Trade – he could possibly be traded, Bryce Gibbs.

“That’s where he is at right now. What a fall from grace that is.”

Watson added: “Only five players had more of the ball than he did (last weekend).

“There were eight contested possessions so he’s not just getting the ball on the outside, he’s working on the inside of the contest.

“When you get dropped twice in the early part of the season, the alarm bells start to ring.

“If you don’t do that defensive running now that can be a big cross against your name.”

Watson added: “Without being too dramatic about the whole thing, do you think they’ve marked his card and he’s not what they’re wanting, he’s not part of what they’re trying to build?”

Prompting Lyon’s response: “Unless he changes, then his card has been marked.”

In the 2017 trade period, Carlton landed two first-round draft picks, pick 73 plus a future second-round selection, with the Crows gaining Gibbs, pick 77 and future second and third-rounders.

Touching specifically on the deal that saw Gibbs make his way to Adelaide, Watson feels perhaps the Blues may have won out.

“At the time, everyone thought he’s walked out on Carlton, this is just another dagger in the heart of Carlton, but maybe Carlton were spot on,” the Essendon great said.

“Maybe they’ve walked away from this deal and they’ve pulled Adelaide’s pants down?”

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