Greene at fault for "ludicrous" studs up confusion, says AFL legend

SEN - Wed, 12th Jun 2019 - 0 Comments

Malcolm Blight has quipped that GWS star Toby Greene “should never have been born” due to his actions triggering a stricter interpretation of the studs up rule.

Greene was cited on two occasions last season for raising his leg in a dangerous position, which promoted the AFL to making what is known as the ‘Toby Greene rule’.

It comes after Collingwood defender Jeremy Howe was penalised for a high boot while taking a spectacular mark during Monday’s Queen’s Birthday match against Melbourne.

“Toby Greene should never have been born,” Blight jokingly told SEN’s Whateley.

“It’s his fault. Of course it is. We’ve been doing it for 120 years and everyone’s been happy with it.”

The two-time Adelaide premiership coach vented his frustration at the sudden rule change because of the action of one player.

“It’s actually officialdom gone silly. It’s ludicrous,” Blight added.

“Because one person did an act and kicked out at a player coming out at him and hit him in the face. It’s not on. It’s a free kick every day.

“You don’t need to change the rules for it. Toby Greene hang your head in shame and the rule-makers hang your heads in shame.

“I find it ludicrous actually.”

The AFL confirmed the decision to pay a free kick against Howe for sticking his studs in the back of Demons forward Tom McDonald was the correct one.

Listen to Malcolm Blight’s chat on SEN’s Whateley with Gerard Whateley in the player below