Lynch mark causes social stir after Howe hanger deemed "dangerous"

SEN - Thu, 13th Jun 2019 - 0 Comments

When Tom Lynch took a hanger on Kyle Hartigan’s head in the second quarter of tonight’s clash between Richmond and Adelaide, Twitter nearly exploded.

Lynch’s knee collects Hartigan in the head, causing him to come from the ground groggily.

The mark was paid as it has been for 100 years and play continued on.

However, it’s drawn comparisons to the decision to pay a free kick against Jeremy Howe on Monday, where the Collingwood defender put his foot into the back of Tom McDonald.

A free kick was paid against Howe for the decision, with the AFL citing that he used his studs in “a manner likely to cause injury”.

Obviously, a knee to the temple is probably just as likely to cause an injury, as social media was quick to point out.