Qs without notice: Are the Hawks & Tigers done?

SEN - Mon, 17th Jun 2019 - 0 Comments

Garry Lyon, Tim Watson and Sam Edmund answered some mid-season questions without notice on SEN Breakfast this morning.

Are Hawthorn the most boring team in the competition?

Tim: They’re right up there. Nobody admires them more than me, but they do not play an exciting brand of footy that may encourage someone to go watch them play.

Does Hawthorn’s performance give Carlton and North Melbourne hope they can access Alastair Clarkson

Sam: It would be a sliver of a hope. An absolute sliver.

Will Hawthorn’s veterans be there next year?

Sam: Shaun Burgoyne, Jarryd Roughead, Paul Puopolo, Ryan Schoenmakers and Grant Birchall are all out of contract. Who stays?

Tim: I think only one of those five stays. I can’t work out which one. I don’t think all five will go.

Garry: I’m not sure any of them, given Hawthorn’s history.

Does Hawthorn trade Isaac Smith?

Tim: They’ve got to get some more talent into that group. Tom Mitchell obviously coming back helps.

Are you putting a line through Richmond as a flag contender?

Tim: Yes I am. As a flag contender. I don’t think they’re going to come back and I don’t think they’re going to finish in the top four and it’s too hard to win a flag from the bottom half of the eight.

Garry: Yep.

Was Charlie Curnow badly coached under Brendon Bolton?

Tim: I don’t think he specifically was badly coached, but I think they were too cautious about the way they move the ball forward. I think that he underestimated the talent of Charlie Curnow.

Garry: Did Bolton maximise Curnow’s abilities?

Tim: No, he didn’t. Their game plan was wrong for Charlie Curnow.

Are you allowed to touch umpires now if you’re a player?

Sam: No. You should not be able to.

Garry: I saw a lot of instances of it on the weekend.

Sam: The AFL umpires have said they don’t mind it, but I think it’s a clear black and white line.