A "fait accompli": Edmund's big Coniglio call

SEN - Wed, 19th Jun 2019 - 0 Comments

Will Stephen Coniglio remain a Giant? Sam Edmund believes it’s only a matter of time before he re-signs with the club.

Coniglio is a restricted free agent at the end of the season and GWS CEO Dave Matthews believes Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett’s comments have hurt his club’s chances of landing him.

However, SEN regular and Herald Sun journalist Edmund doesn’t believe it matters, saying he’s not going anywhere.

“I don’t even think Hawthorn were a legitimate chance to get him,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“I’m ruling them out. I think he’ll stay. I think it’s a fait accompli.”

SEN Breakfast host Tim Watson agreed, saying: “I think he’ll stay as well, by the way.

“I don’t believe that (Kennett’s comments have hurt Hawthorn’s chances).

“It’s opportunistic for him to say that given Hawthorn has been one of the suitors.

“It’s not going to influence his decision one way or another.”

Matthews last night said the club hasn’t put a timeline on when Coniglio has to re-sign.

“We head into the bye, it’s a good time for anyone to have a deep breath and take stock. I’m sure that’s what Stephen’s doing and when he gets to a point where he wants to make a decision, he’ll do that,” he told SEN’s Time On.

“At the moment we’ve been really content with his focus on playing really good football and leading this club the way that he does.

“In any of these things, the sooner the better, but we’re not impatient about it.”