Who are the best footy commentators on radio and television?

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Over 1000 people answered The Sounding Board’s inaugural footy survey, asking the tough questions about footy and in particular, the media.

When asked who is the best play-by-play commentator on television, Fox Footy’s Anthony Hudson won easily, nearly doubling everyone else’s numbers.

"He's absolutely decimated this field," said Damian Barrett.

The Channel Seven crew filled the next few spots, with Bruce McAvaney in second place, James Brayshaw third and Brian Taylor fourth.

See the votes below:

Commentator Votes
Anthony Hudson (Fox Footy) 36.11%
Bruce McAvaney (Channel 7) 17.85%
James Brayshaw (Channel 7) 16.75%
Brian Taylor (Channel 7) 11.94%
Dwayne Russell (Fox Footy) 5.12%
Eddie McGuire (Fox Footy) 3.11%
Adam Papalia (Fox Footy) 3.01%
Brenton Speed (Fox Footy) 2.61%
Jason Bennett (Channel 7) 2.01%
Hamish McLachlan (Channel 7) 0.70%
Basil Zempalis (Channel 7) 0.50%
Luke Darcy (Channel 7) 0.30%

SEN's chief caller Gerard Whateley has been rated the best radio play-by-play commentator alongside Triple M's James Brayshaw.

Anthony Hudson came in close third and Brian Taylor fourth.

"What a result this is. They are the big four, are they not, on commercial radio?" said Hutchison.

Barrett replied: "Yep, I reckon they are."

This essentially means SEN and Triple M’s number one duos control the top of the leaderboard.

Commentator Votes
Gerard Whateley (SEN/AFL Nation) 25%
James Brayshaw (Triple M) 25%
Anthony Hudson (SEN/AFL Nation) 18.50%
Brian Taylor (Triple M) 9.43%
Tim Lane (3AW) 5.52%
Stephen Quartermain (SEN/AFL Nation) 2.71%
Sandy Roberts (SEN/AFL Nation) 2.61%
Mark Howard (Triple M) 2.41%
Peter Donegan (SEN/AFL Nation) 2.21%
Dwayne Russell (3AW) 1.91%
Jack Heverin (SEN/AFL Nation) 0.90%
Kevin Bartlett (SEN/AFL Nation) 0.80%
Alister Nicholson (ABC) 0.80%
Matt Granland (3AW) 0.70%
Tim Gossage (SEN/AFL Nation) 0.60%
Bruce Eva (3AW) 0.60%
Kelli Underwood (ABC) 0.30%

Fox Footy has the top five television expert commentators according to the voters, with Garry Lyon, Nick Riewoldt, David King, Jason Dunstall and Dermott Brereton topping the votes.

Lyon finished number one overall with just over 200 votes, with Riewoldt, in his second year in the media, placing second with 155.

Wayne Carey received the most votes of the Channel 7 commentators, finishing on 76.

"When Garry talks about football in that expert role, you know why a goal is kicked immediately. You just don't get a retake of what you just saw with your own eyes," said Barrett.

Commentator Votes
Garry Lyon (Fox Footy) 20.50%
Nick Riewoldt (Fox Footy) 15.58%
David King (Fox Footy) 11.56%
Jason Dunstall (Fox Footy) 9.75%
Dermott Brereton (Fox Footy) 7.94%
Wayne Carey (Channel 7) 7.64%
Leigh Matthews (Channel 7) 6.73%
Gerard Healy (Fox Footy) 5.23%
Matthew Richardson (Channel 7) 3.82%
Tim Watson (Channel 7) 2.81%
Jonathan Brown (Fox Footy) 2.31%
Nick Dal Santo (Fox Footy) 2.31%
Cameron Ling (Channel 7) 2.01%
Mark Ricciuto (Fox Footy) 0.80%
Brad Johnson (Fox Footy) 0.60%
Alastair Lynch (Fox Footy) 0.40%

Lyon was comprehensively voted the number one radio expert commentator, almost doubling the rest of the field.

Chris Judd finished in second place, while Terry Wallace and Matthew Lloyd rounded out the top four.

"He (Lyon) takes both the radio and television chocolates, which is rare," said Hutchison.

Commentator Votes
Garry Lyon 25.25%
Chris Judd 13.48%
Terry Wallace 9.76%
Matthew Lloyd 9.26%
Wayne Carey 8.85%
Bob Murphy 7.34%
Leigh Matthews 6.14%
David Parkin 3.72%
Liam Pickering 3.42%
Kane Cornes 3.22%
Matthew Richardson 3.02%
Michael Malthouse 3.02%
Malcolm Blight 2.62%
Cameron Ling 0.91%

Listen to Damo and Hutchy discuss the Best Performers below: