What Carlton can't do if they want to beat Sydney

SEN - Sat, 13th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

Carlton under caretaker coach David Teague has developed a pattern of going five goals behind before racing back and either running over the top of their opponents or falling narrowly short.

They’ve trailed by 37, 34, 30 and 38 points in their four games under Teague, but have still gone a solitary kick away from winning all four games.

However, Australian football Hall of Famer Terry Wallace doesn’t believe Carlton can play the chasing game against Sydney at the SCG.

“Carlton can certainly win this game,” he told SEN’s Drive.

“They will not beat Sydney if they give them a start on the SCG.

“If Sydney gets themselves in front, they will just bottle the thing up and not allow Carlton back into the contest.

“Carlton has run over the top of sides, they’ve had a couple of meritorious victory, they were brilliant in Perth, super good again last Sunday in the last quarter with their run and carry.

“I’m picking Sydney off the back of the fact that it’s at the SCG, when you’re sitting there and there’s not much between the sides, I’ll go for the home side.”