Chamberlain explains controversial ruck infringement rule

SEN - Tue, 16th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

Ruck infringement free kicks leave the most switched on of footy fans scratching their heads more often than not.

This sentiment is clearly felt by the players too, with Max Gawn penalised twice during his side’s loss to the Bulldogs for blocking in the ruck.

The Melbourne star was left visibly baffled by the decisions and even responded to an umpire, saying “that’s ruck craft, big boy”.

Umpire Ray Chamberlain wasn’t a part of the game, but has explained the blocking in the ruck rule.

“The straight arm one, for us, a straight arm block with one arm out blocking the opponent being able to come in and contest the ball, we will see that as a trigger to go that’s a block,” he said.

“However, when you have a centre bounce and two guys come at one another and they’ve both got their arms out in a sort of protection type mechanism, play on would be applied there.

“The example that we saw, there are some other layers in fairness to the umpire.

“He got knocked by a player behind him as it happened and so that may have had an impact on what he saw.

“I’ve only seen it from the broadcast vision as well which is from the complete opposite side to what the umpire is on, so without trying to make excuses, these are the nuances that present an umpire.”

Max Gawn spoke on RSN radio this morning and remains frustrated by the rule.

“That's how I defend myself when someone is running at me, Dunkley is a little bit of a lighter body,” Gawn said.

“That’s probably why he bounced off the arm.

“The centre bounce one, that probably happens 15 times a game for me so to be able pick one out of the 15 is a bit of a raffle.

“I’ve been done for this stuff before, I guess they’re technically in the rules, but I'm not over the moon about some of the ruck craft rules and I’m sure other ruckmen are similar.”