How Teague spent last night before first game in charge of Carlton

SEN - Tue, 16th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

Nick Riewoldt has told an interesting story about the night before Carlton caretaker coach David Teague’s first game at the helm.

The Blues beat Brisbane by 15 points coming from six goals down in Teague’s first game in charge and Riewoldt revealed the interim coach was as relaxed as one can possibly get before the game.

“What I love about Teague is, the Friday before his first game (as coach), our boys do Auskick together, and they had a pie night on the Friday night,” Riewoldt told SEN Breakfast.

“All the parents come down and all the kids kick under light and all that sort of stuff and the sausage sizzle and the pies and beers come out.

“Teague’s standing around with myself and Jason Blake and Stewart Loewe, we looked at him and went, ‘you’re coaching a game of footy tomorrow aren’t you mate? It’s your first game?’

“And there he is at the pie night having a beer and a pie, the kids are running around eating pies, it was just brilliant.

“It was a good little insight into his mindset. He wasn’t flustered, he wasn’t rattled, he was just super calm.”

Teague has won three of five games as coach of Carlton, including two games interstate.

Riewoldt believes he’s making the most of the opportunity.

“That’s exposed form if you’re a Carlton person. It’s not a three or a four-week little position where it’s a free swing, this a proper time to be able to instil a game plan, win the players and speak about culture, that’s proper experience,” he said.