Riewoldt endorses Thomas to help select new Saints coach

SEN - Wed, 17th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

St Kilda champion Nick Riewoldt has endorsed former club coach Grant Thomas to be a part of the coaching committee as the Saints look for a new coach.

Riewoldt believes Thomas, who coached the club between 2001 and 2006, is the perfect person to help select Alan Richardson’s replacement.

The Saints sacked Richardson on Tuesday morning, with Brett Ratten set to take over for the remainder of 2019.

“He’s got a really good lens on what constitutes a strong culture, what constitutes strong leadership, he has St Kilda at heart, you could never question his desire for St Kilda to be a great football club and he’s super passionate about it,” Riewoldt told SEN Breakfast.

“So, I think the motivation level is high, the expertise is really strong, so yeah, why not?

“I don’t think he’d go for it, but I’d ask.”

They are yet to announce the panel that will select the next coach, but CEO Matt Finnis confirmed on Sportsday that president Andrew Bassat will be a part of it.

Thomas told Macquarie Sports Radio that if asked, he would help.

“I’m a devoted Saints person and the reason I went there 20 years ago was to earn respect and provide us with sustained success,” he said.

“If someone asks me for help, I help. That’s just what I do.

“But it’s probably unlikely given I say that I think and that seems to upset people.

“I’m always happy to have a chat.”