Is Tom McDonald the league's best number two forward?

SEN - Thu, 18th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

Five-time premiership player Dermott Brereton has outlined the role he thinks Tom McDonald should play for Melbourne going forward.

Speaking on SEN Drive, Brereton stated his belief that McDonald needs another key forward to take some attention away from him.

“Tom McDonald is the league’s best number two forward,” the Hawthorn great said.

“He needs a number one forward who takes the mantle from him.

“He can mark it in the air, he’s got hard running, his work ethic, but God hasn’t blessed him with sideways movement or pure explosiveness.

“Your key forward needs those attributes on top of what Tom McDonald’s got already."

Due to his lack of agility and acceleration, Brereton believes that it is difficult for McDonald to perform the duties he expects from a number one forward.

“Your number one key forward has to actually draw the ball and if he draws the ball because he always flies for it and always gets hands around it; that creates opportunities for other players.

“The number two forward leads to a different spot.”

Melbourne have struggled to score this season with a lack of presence up forward.

Their most recent attempt to increase their scoring has seen Harrison Petty try his hand up forward after playing five games down back to begin his season, with the 19-year-old kicking three goals against the Bulldogs.

McDonald had his best game of the season against Carlton, kicking six goals before a knee injury ended his day and, subsequently, his season.