Why Saints interim coach Ratten is on a "hiding to nothing"

SEN - Thu, 18th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

Terry Wallace has backed interim St Kilda coach Brett Ratten to succeed during his six weeks at the helm of the Saints.

While he has backed Ratten to bring about change to the struggling club, Wallace warned against expecting the same sort of success that the league’s other interim coaches have brought their sides.

“I think there’s every chance that there’ll be a few little differences or nuances of the way he wants to play,” Wallace said on The Match Committee.

“He’s his own person, he always has been his own person so I really do think that he will change a few things up.

“Can he get the spike or the reaction that the other two interim coaches have got? That’s what we’re all watching for.

“In that way he’s on a little bit of a hiding to nothing because the other two interim coaches have done so well, everyone almost expects that he’s going to do so well.

“The history says that that’s not always the way it is. History basically goes at about 50/50, changing coaches and having a winning environment.”

Ratten has brought about change straight away, naming a debutant for St Kilda's upcoming game against the Western Bulldogs.

Doulton Langlands is set for his first game at Marvel Stadium this Sunday and will look to help the Saints bring Ratten a win in his first game.