"I don't like it at all": Wallace comes to Voss' defence

SEN - Fri, 19th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

Terry Wallace has come to the defence of Port Adelaide assistant Michael Voss after what has been a controversial week.

Power president David Koch spoke out against Voss after the Lions legend met with Carlton about their vacant coaching job, saying he needs to focus on his current job.

“You know, people go for better jobs, that’s great, but do it at the end of the season,” he told Channel 7’s Sunrise.

“Focus on the job at hand. We’re paying you at the moment, do your job.

“Show your interest (in other jobs), but hey, get focused.”

However, Wallace said that assuming Voss is using his rostered day off to meet with the Blues, he doesn’t see a problem with it.

“I don’t like (Koch’s comments). I don’t like it at all. What does (Koch) think Voss has been doing this season? Not doing his job?” he told SEN Drive.

“One thing I would love to know because I don’t know. Every coach has a rostered day off. Vossy gets a phone call from Carlton. We’d like to have an informal coffee. I would think that any coach in that situation would use his rostered day off.

“If he’s missing meetings, missing working one-on-one with the players, I think they have every right to say that. He’s the senior assistant coach. If he’s missing key elements of what his role is, I understand where that comes from.

“If it’s his day off and he’s spending time on something that is his future, stay out of it Port Adelaide. You’re paying him, but you’re not paying him for his day off.

“You think businesses can just come around to people on weekends and say we’re paying you so we don’t want you doing x, y or z?

“And Voss has been upfront. It’s not like he’s been caught going through the facilities. He’s told them he’s interested in the position.”

SEN Drive co-host Jack Heverin added that the Power would have done a similar thing before they hired current coach Ken Hinkley.

“How did Port get Ken Hinkley? He was at the Gold Coast. He didn’t just come out of nowhere. They didn’t just drag him off the street,” he said.

“This is the employment process.”

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