Is this Adelaide's final chance to win a flag with this list?

SEN - Fri, 19th Jul 2019 - 0 Comments

Adelaide comes into this round as the oldest team in the competition, with an average age of almost 27.

Australian football legend Malcolm Blight believes this could be their last shot to win a flag before their window closes.

“The age of the team is significant. I thought they had two years. I don’t think they’ve got two years now, Adelaide,” he told AFL Nation.

“If they can’t push up this year and have a real crack it, they’re all going to be 28 next year and you just don’t win there.”

Blight feels the club has lost the dynamic forward line that took them so close to a Grand Final a few years back.

“There’s no doubt the magic of the forward line from 2017 has evaporated,” he said.

“How good they were until that Grand Final was unbelievable. The magic is gone.”

“Eddie Betts has kicked 12 of his 32 goals against the Suns.”

North Melbourne premiership player David King is worried about the Crows given two of their wins and most of their percentage has come from beating the Suns.

“I’m not counting last week’s Gold Coast game at all,” King said.

“If you look back to the last fortnight before that against Geelong and Port Adelaide, they scored four goals in the second half of both those games combined and conceded 16.

“To me, there’s grey area as to where they sit in the competition, you’d have to have some concerns if you’re Don Pyke.”

Adelaide hosts Essendon at home on Friday night.

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