Kane Called It, Kane Cooked It

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We all bask in the glory of the predictions we nail but don't often admit to the ones that have gone terribly wrong.

On SEN's The Captain's Run this morning, Kane Cornes did both.

Over the course of the year so far, Port Adelaide's games record holder has put forward his opinion on a few topics with mixed results.

Check them out below:

Kane Called It

About a month ago on AFL.com.au's Round So Far, Fremantle had just beaten Port Adelaide and were entrenched in the top eight at 7-5 when Cornes said the following.

“Fremantle have achieved nothing. This side has achieved nothing. They haven’t played finals since 2015. Yes, they’ve been impressive the last three weeks, they’ve got a long way to go this season. You should be careful when that sort of arrogance starts creeping in.

Since then, they’ve lost to Carlton (without Cripps/Curnow), Melbourne, West Coast (when they kicked two goals) and Hawthorn. They've averaged 57 points since.

Cornes is now saying they’re the “second worst team in the competition“.

St Kilda
After Round 6, when the Saints were sitting top four on 4 wins and 2 losses, Cornes was asked on the Sunday Footy Show were they would finish.

“They’ll probably finish bottom six. They’ve got four (wins) up but they’ll lose the next three you would think and they are right back in the pack and there are some sides coming including West Coast who are out of the eight.

“That’s not a criticism at all. I’ve loved what they’ve done but you’ve got four of your best players out. It’s tough for a side who was always back of the pack already.”

Right now the Saints are 15th and have just lost their coach. (They also did lose their next three after Round 6).

Carlton fans knew Cornes wasn't a big wrap for Brendon Bolton. He was smashed when he said it’s hard to respect a coach who hasn’t played at the top level.

Bolton is no longer Blues coach.

Bont & Cripps

After Round 1, Cornes was on The Footy Show and made this bold prediction.

“I think there’s two midfielders who could overtake Dustin Martin and Patrick Dangerfield as the bets midfielders. By the end of this year, Bont and Cripps will be the game’s best midfielders.”

Happy for anyone to name two better midfielders than the Bont and Cripps this year.


After Round 11, Cornes said this on AFL.com.au about the Lions: “Brisbane can win it.

"There is an opportunity there, if things go right and you get on a roll and get a top-four position, you play some home finals, there’s no reason why Brisbane can’t win it.”

Well now they are in third and most would agree that they can.

Kane Cooked It

Going back a while, but Cornes did say at the end of 2016 in the trade period that:
"Richmond aren’t in the premiership window and therefore wouldn’t trade for Gold Coast's Dion Prestia."


Pyke & Crows coaches laughing

Cornes said this about Don Pyke and some of the Adelaide coaches laughing in the coaches box during the Gold Coast game on Saturday night.

“I think it’s disrespectful for the coaches to be doing (that).

“When’s the last time you’ve seen a coach laugh hysterically like that?”

Turns out they were laughing at captain Taylor walker calling for a handball when he was out of position which is probably not that disrespectful.


Last trade period, when asked if Brisbane will play finals in 2019, Cornes said: “No, they won’t play finals. The recruitment of Lachie Neale won’t make that
much of a difference.”


SPP & Dusty
Last year in the Adelaide Advertiser, Cornes wrote a column comparing Port Adelaide's Sam Powell Pepper to Richmond superstar Dustin Martin.

He wrote that Powell-Pepper was trending on a similar path to Martin in his first two

Now he think Ports should trade him.

Adelaide to win flag

Before the start of the season, Cornes' prediction was Adelaide to win the flag.

It’s not over yet and they will probably finish top 6, but they won’t win it, he says.