McLachlan rules out wildcard round, confirms score review bunker for final week

SEN - Tue, 13th Aug 2019 - 0 Comments

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has given his thoughts on a number of key issues around the league.

Speaking on Sportsday, McLachlan talked the 2019 fixturing, the potential for a wildcard round and mid-season trading and more.

On the fixture

“It’s not the greatest Friday night the way that it has played out (Melbourne versus Sydney). I think though our fixturing team this year have generally nailed it and the crowds and the ratings suggest that.”

“It’s a disappointing fixture, but we’ve got some unbelievable ones on the weekend as well.”

Wildcard round

“No (it’s not going to happen). It gets legs and I think it came out of the competition committee, so that’s where things get generated and thrown up, but it’s not something that’s got traction to my level.”

Mid-season trade period

“I think what’s clear is it wouldn’t be anything that would enable star players to be shopped around. Maybe it would be earlier in the year … I might need a ruckman coming into the season or half way through the season and you’ve got a surplus, but it won’t be something – what the strong feedback is from football is they don’t want something that gives an opportunity for star players (to move) or clubs under pressure to be put in poor positions.”

Score Review Centre

“I think it will be live (in Round 23). It certainly will be in place and being run. We want to test it for a weekend live and then there’ll be a duplicate at every venue as a backup and that will play right through the finals. We want to make sure it’s tested in Round 23 if we’re going to take it into finals. My understanding is it’ll be live and more than just score review, it’ll be working with the umpires and others.”

All-Australian meetings

“It was the most debated and contested meeting. I think it’s my sixth year of doing it and clearly the most contested. We’ve got one more meeting to go the day after the last round, but you’re trying to shape it up … it got quite feisty, I’ll say that.”