Lions CEO didn't expect team to be this good this quickly

SEN - Wed, 14th Aug 2019 - 0 Comments

The Brisbane Lions currently sit top two in the race to September and Lions CEO Greg Sawnn says that’s where he wants his side to finish.

“We want to finish in that top two and get two home finals,” Swann told SEN's Time On.

The Lions currently have a season record of 15 wins and five losses, as well as being on an eight-match winning streak.

It’s been 10 years since the Lions have played September football and Swann admits that his side's performance this season was far from what was expected.

“We didn’t think that would happen, we thought we’d improve but the rate and level of improvement is above what we thought,” he said.

Finishing in the bottom six last year, the Lions were drawn a bottom six fixture, but when questioned on whether this was a factor to the Lion’s success this year, Swann said this was far from the case.

“That’s the system and we’ve taken advantage of the draw this year. But we still fought, we’ve played some good teams when they’ve been in good form,” he said.

With two matches left in the home and away season, Brisbane face Geelong, who are sitting top of the ladder and then the in form Richmond sitting third.

“I’m not sure we will make a change this week, we’ll probably be unchanged again,” Swann said.

If the Lions can finish in the top two, they will secure a home Qualifying Final.