Report: Injured Collingwood midfielder spotted playing basketball with fake name

SEN - Thu, 15th Aug 2019 - 0 Comments

According to, injured Collingwood midfielder Brayden Sier reportedly played basketball under a fake name on Monday night.

Sier has missed the past three matches with a calf injury but is understood to have played in a Diamond Valley Association Division 3 match in Greensborough under the name “Phil Inn”.

When the Pies were contacted, they said Sier told them he was at the stadium shooting around in breaks while watching his friends play.

But a witness told that Sier was out there on the court.

"A player even said to him what are you doing playing domestic basketball and he (Sier) just gave him a cheeky smile," the witness said.

The Association shows listed player “Phil Inn” scored six points and wore the number 99 while playing.

Sier has played 18 games for the Pies since being drafted in the 2015 NAB AFL Draft.