Is Casboult the most improved player in the game? Can the Suns keep King?

SEN - Mon, 19th Aug 2019 - 0 Comments

Every morning, Garry Lyon and Tim Watson answer the tough questions without notice on SEN Breakfast.

From Ben King’s future to the most improved player in the AFL, the former club captains break it down.

Is Leon Cameron in any danger of not coaching next year?

Watson: “I don’t think so. They’re going to participate in finals. I think they’ve had the worst injury run again this year. I would be concerned if the story related to people at the AFL not being happy with his coaching is true. That would be a slight concern if the powers that be were thinking of moving him on.”

Would the Suns be concerned about Ben King leaving after watching Tom Lynch at the MCG?

Watson: “Their concern has to be about the retention of their players and what they have to do internally to be able to secure players and maintain their players. That’s about getting the right people at the club.”

Lyon: “Ben King is sitting there saying, right, do I want to get my ass kicked by 70 every day or do what Tom Lynch does and go to the MCG and play in the game of the year and in two weeks time be contending for a premiership.”

Watson: “They’ll run out of time really quickly if they don’t fix things in the next 18 months, the Suns.”

Did Carlton move Dale Thomas on a week too early?

Lyon: “I don’t think so. I think they got it right.”

Has Patrick Ambrose found himself a new role as a tagger?

Watson: “He may go in against big bodied players. He’s an incredibly versatile player. He’s played key forward, key back and he’s gone into the midfield. He’s got power, he’s got speed, all of those things. It won’t be the last time we see him playing that role.”

Is it possible to kick five of 10 goals and not have a big influence on the game as Chris Scott said with Charlie Cameron on the weekend?

Lyon: “Not in my opinion. I respectfully disagree with Chris Scott on that one.”

Is Levi Casboult the most improved player in the AFL?

Lyon: “He’d be right up there given he went back with great success and then Liam Jones came back so he went forward. Now Jones has gone out and I think he took eight intercept marks. Super game from him.”