Elliott breaks down his own time with German hamstring specialist

SEN - Wed, 11th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

With Jordan de Goey in Germany to receive treatment on his injured hamstring from Bayern Munich head doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wolfhart, Jamie Elliott has explained his own time with the specialist.

Elliott, along with Darcy Moore, made the same trip at the end of 2018 for hamstring injuries of their own.

“My experiences with him, it’s a bit of a blur to be honest, it happened pretty quickly,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“I think it’s known that he’s into his needling so I’m not going to dive too much into it, but there’s a lot of physio that goes into it.

“They’ve got world leading physios and I spent the majority of my time with a guy that looked after mine. We get tested for mobility and all these different things with a guy there that trains us.

“We spent five days there not only getting treated but doing exercise with a physio and also really looking at weaknesses in how our body moves and trying to strengthen those parts of the body so when we do come back we’ve got a good understanding of what we need to do.

“A big one for me was mobility, it wasn’t really strength.”

As for De Goey, Elliott is unsure whether we’ll see him play again this year.

“This is a short turnaround for Jordy, he probably won’t be able to plug too many things in apart from getting the treatment so it’ll be interesting to see how it works,” he said.

“I can’t really speculate on what Jordy is getting done, myself and Darcy went over there and our treatments were a little bit different so I’m not sure what he’s getting done over there exactly.

“He’s an interesting guy and he’s got different techniques so I’m looking forward to seeing how Jordy feels when he gets back and if he thinks it has helped.

“I think it’s definitely helped me in the long run and hopefully it has some affect on him in the short run.”