Latest trade news: Daniher, Ellis, Jones, Martin and Frost

SEN - Wed, 11th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

SEN Breakfast’s Sam Edmund has provided a trade update on Sam Frost, Brandon Ellis, Zak Jones and Jack Martin, while Tim Watson has added his thoughts on the Joe Daniher link to Sydney that simply won’t go away.

Read our latest trade update below:

Sam Frost

“He’s been lowballed by Melbourne in terms of the contract offer. He’s probably going to join a third club. North Melbourne could overtake Hawthorn as a suitor for him.”

Jack Martin

“He’s rejected more coin from the Bulldogs. I was told the Western Bulldogs offer was close to $700,000 per year for five years. He’s chosen Carlton over that.”

Brandon Ellis

“Now Essendon has come calling for the Richmond player. Gold Coast have verbally tabled a four or five year deal to get him there up north, we know Carlton has pulled out.”

Zak Jones

“All the signs point to St Kilda still. He’s been long linked to a move down to Melbourne. Ever since we’ve started digging, everything has pointed to St Kilda.”

Tim Watson on Joe Daniher

“I’ve tried to work out where this is coming from. I’ve spoken to Sydney people and Essendon people they’re all denying that there is anything to see here.”