Murphy slams airlines for "fundamentally wrong" practice

SEN - Wed, 11th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

Former Western Bulldogs captain Bob Murphy has called out airlines for once again ramping up their prices for footy fans travelling interstate to see their team.

Murphy explained the lengths some Tiger fans went to in order to watch their side’s Qualifying Final victory up in Brisbane.

“The family went up to watch the Dogs and we were flying home from Sydney. All of these Richmond fans were on the flight and I was sort of a bit puzzled,” he told SEN’s Bob and Andy.

“I was sat in between a couple pairs of Richmond supporters and they were explaining to me that as soon as the results went the way that it meant Richmond had to go to Brisbane, the prices were hiked by a huge percentage.

“I think the price was close to doubled and so the Richmond fans couldn’t afford to do it so they worked out it was cheaper to fly to the Gold Coast and then drive and then get a flight home that was not direct, so go to Sydney then to Melbourne.

“That’s fundamentally wrong. I get it, supply and demand. This is an old argument, and if it goes up 10 per cent, okay, but when it just goes through the roof.”

Co-host Andy Maher agreed, calling the practice “gouging”.