What should Carlton give up for Jack Martin?

SEN - Wed, 11th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

After averaging 16 disposals and under a goal per game, there is a question mark over what Jack Martin is worth and what Carlton are willing to give up for a trade.

Martin has reportedly chosen Carlton as his club of choice for 2020 and beyond, but Tim Watson doesn't believe he is worth a first round pick.

Martin, known for his midfield forward rotations, was questioned by Tim Watson as to where his place would be at Carlton.

“Where are you going to play him? He doesn’t appear to have developed an engine,” Watson told SEN Breakfast.

Martin joined the Suns in 2012 but it’s been a disrupted place during his time, never playing in a final.

“Maybe he hasn’t committed himself wholly and solely, maybe he hasn’t been unhappy up there,” Watson said.

“The whole idea of coming to Melbourne and playing in a team like Carlton that’s on the rise tis going to be a completely different environment for him to participate in. I would roll the dice on him."

A first round pick may not be on the cards to get Martin into the navy blue, but Watson thinks a second round pick is what would be realistic.

“His market value has dwindled because he hasn’t been able to produce consistently enough,” Watson said.

"I’m pretty sure that Carlton wouldn’t be prepared to give that (first round pick)."