Cornes expects “further significant changes” for rebuilding Adelaide

SEN - Thu, 12th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

Kane Cornes believes further changes are on the cards at Adelaide in the wake of Don Pyke’s departure from the club.

Pyke today stepped down as head coach of the Crows after four years at the helm which culminated in tumultuous 2018 and 2019 seasons, following the 2017 Grand Final defeat.

It comes after Taylor Walker recently removed himself as co-captain of the club.

SEN SA’s Cornes feels the Pyke exit will not be the last major change at West Lakes this year as the club goes about a full rebuild.

“The next appointment needs to be very astute,” Cornes said on SEN Afternoons.

“Did they get it right with Don Pyke? Early days, yes, but in the end…

“And he’s not the only one, can I say. Don Pyke shouldn’t be the only fall-guy for this because there’s been some mistakes made way above him.

“Yes, he’s going to be the scapegoat from this. He’s decided to walk away but I’d expect there to be further significant changes at Adelaide.”

Cornes commended Pyke for making the decision but is of the belief that this will put the club back, potentially even derailing their 2020 season even before it begins.

“It’s a selfless call from him, albeit it’s probably the right one if your heart isn’t completely invested in it,” he added.

“Considering how far the club has fallen from 2017 then it’s the right move.

“It’s a concern for them because it’s late. This is the time when premierships are won. This is your planning your game style, your staff, your fitness department.

“You’re putting in off-season programs for the players, you’re piecing together what your pre-season will look like next year.

“You’re trying to recruit players and decide which ones you want to keep. How do you do that without a coach?

“You would think it will take between four and eight weeks to go through the process to appoint a coach. That puts you well behind the eight ball in terms of trade period as you go about trying to rebuild this footy club, which is what they need.

“You pretty much write off next year, I would have thought. It feels like a full-blown rebuild at Adelaide to me.”

Taylor Walker Adelaide Crows

Port Adelaide premiership player Cornes is also concerned about the way the Crows are perceived by the wider football public, but in particular, the Adelaide supporters.

“The Crows fans know nothing,” he said further.

“They (the club) shelter themselves from the media, they have an ‘us against them’ mentality, they release all their media stuff through their own club website.

“It’s almost like players are reading from a script when they are in front of the media. That stems from the top down. Right from the CEO, Andrew Fagan, through to Don Pyke. Media manager Ian Shuttleworth, footy director Mark Ricciuto, they give nothing.

“Whoever does take over, there needs to be a complete rebuild of opening themselves up to a footy supporter group that is completely disgruntled and at a loss – ‘Why are we supporting this footy club, we don’t feel like we are a part of it? – despite the fact they’ve always had and always will have a massive supporter base.”

Listen to Cornes' chat with Sam Hargreaves below: